Satellite Coverage

Welcome to our Satellite Coverage, where you can find detailed coverage information from Hughesnet, BroadSAT and
StarBand. Based on your location anywhere in the world we can provide coverage for North America, Caribbean, West Indies
and Europe.

Providing VoIP and Satellite anywhere in the world is what we do! No matter if you are in Latin America, the Caribbean,
Asia or even in Europe we will provide the right Service and hardware at a reasonable cost.
SatMex 5 @ 116.8W G4R @ 99W
G16 @ 99W
Horizons 1 @ 127W G11 @ 91W
AMC3 @ 87W IA8 @ 98W IA6 @ 93W AMC9 @ 83W
AMC6 @ 72W AMC4 @ 101W SatMex 5 @ 116.8W G4R @ 99W
G16 @ 99W