Features and Advanced Services

Remember the old days where having features was a cost. Now, since VoIP Technology, its been easier for your pocket, you don't have to suffer for not having 3 Way Calling or even Voice Mail. When you sign up for service you will have all of the features for no additional price.

SunISP has been the people's choice for telecommunication from our Clients in the Caribbean, Latin America and now, USA and Canada has also been affected by our services and pricing. Our Newest Feature is the E911 (Enhanced 911). This is only one benefit that you will receive once you are a member of SunISP.

Advanced Services
» Additional lines to your account.
» International Numbers as low as $5.95.
» Free Real Time Billing information.
» Online Account Management.
» Great International Rates.
» Unlimited In-Network Calling.
» Live Customer Service.

Take Advantage
Call Forwarding
Call Waiting
In-Network Calling
Take Control
Account Manager
3 Way Calling Plan
Voice Mail
Get Support
611 Customer Service
612 (System ID)
613 Echo Test
Be Secured
Caller ID with Name
Caller ID Block (*67)
Call Return (*69)
International Call Block