Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I have service for StarBand?

Yes, but it would be base on the country and what Satellite you can point at. You have 2 Satellite that are available for StarBand T7 IA7 129 West, AMC 101 West.

How can I setup service for Hughesnet?
After the Dish is setup based on the setup manual specification. You would move to the Computer and follow step by step.
  1. Qualify customer PC with qualification tool.
  2. Conduct site survey.
  3. Customer approves site survey.
  4. Assemble indoor equipment. Assemble DW6000 and connect to laptop. Power up DW6000 and laptop and verify connectivity.
  5. Compute pointing coordinates using the SBC interface Installation software.
  6. Assemble the antenna. Pre-set elevation and polarization Values.
  7. Mount the satellite antenna.
  8. Run cables and ground the system. Clearly label the receive And transmit coaxial cables at the antenna, ground block, and Indoor unit connectors.
  9. Receive point the antenna using the SBC interface. Auto cross pol the antenna.
  10. When the antenna is locked in place and continues to pass isolation, finish weather sealing the coaxial cable connections.
  11. Register the DW6000 using SBC. Customer supplies SAN and password and clicks to agree to subscriber agreement.
  12. Verify DW6000 has finished downloading and connect customer’s PC. Customer should use power strip or surge protector. Customer checks that TCP/IP settings are set to obtain an IP address automatically and restarts the computer.
  13. Customer verifies connectivity by surfing to a Web site.
  14. Record site ID and assigned IP address (es) for the customer on the Quick Start Guide. Clean up trash and verify connections are weather proofed. Optional: assist in customer computer configuration.
  15. Complete FSO within 24 hours.
3.Can I have service in Latin America ?
Yes we now carry units to provide Internet in Latin America covering the SatMEX5 KU Band 2 which is quite popular in the those areas.

4. Can I have coverage for KU Band 2?
Yes you can have the service only with DirecLAT which we provide this service, please email us at

5. What satellite does StarBand Uses?
StarBand covers and uses 2 Satellite T& 129 West and AMC4.

6. What satellite does Hughesnet uses?      
Hughesnet covers the following Satellite, G3,G4R,G11 and SATMEX5

7. Do I have insurance on my StarBand/Hughesnet?
This is a feature that we would provide only if you request to have within your Plan.

8. What is the exact upload and download that I can get from the StarBand/Hughesnet?
Always remember you must deduct 20% from the total bandwidth;
  1. STARBAND 484 1.5m/256k
  2. STARBAND 360 512/60k
  3. Hughesnet 768/60k

9. What's the different with StarBand and Hughesnet?
Hughesnet is HNS and StarBand is owned by Gilat Communication the both unit works the same way. Hughesnet is a little bit Inexpensive and you have more than 4 Satellite to choose from. StarBand only has 2 Satellites.

10. How do I install the SIP Express to the StarBand/Hughesnet?
It's a Plug and Play once you have set up the account with SunISP you will be able to test the unit.

11. How do I install the 484?
Please contact us for a Technician in your area.

12. All the lights are on except system what do I do?
You may have a billing issue please email us at and using the SAN for the subject.

13. All the lights are off except PWR and PC what do that mean? Sound like you have a pointing issue and you will need an installer please contact us at