We at SunISP understand that Internet access can be costly for our customers outside the United States. Therefore, we have developed a progressive approach for our Caribbean and specially Latin American customers to access the web through different Satellite Systems.

Regardless of your location or your existing network, SunISP will provide you with fast, reliable and economical broadband internet connection in a small Business or throughout your other branches worldwide.

SunISP is designed to provide communications solutions via satellite quickly and economically, from any terrestrial communication line. SunISP offers two-way broadband communication that can grow as your company does - and you can't yet imagine just how reliable and affordable using the satellite can be!

Sat 10GP

Sat 15GP
$ 119.99

Starband 1000
$ 169.99

Starband 1500
$ 199.99


SunSAT Max
$ 499.99

SunSat G
$ 887.99